Transition Year 2016-2017

Transition Year Programme 

The Darren Clarke Golf School is delighted to offer an outstanding experience for transition year students to learn and develop their golf and lifestyle skills. This part-time programme has been developed for students entering their transition year at school in September 2016. Utilising approximately 35 days spread throughout the year, students will receive the benefit of the Darren Clarke Golf facilities and resources, while remaining at their current school.

A great opportunity for students to use their transition year to explore potential careers within the golf industry, while focusing on improving their golf game. The coaching for the programme will mostly be conducted at our location in Antrim and also includes warm weather winter training abroad. The coaching staff will provide students with an outstanding experience to learn and develop their golf and lifestyle skills. The clients will be led through a programme of golfing development and structure to promote an environment that encourages excellence.


We have had some great feedback from our previous Transition Year students..............

Parent Feedback

"I just wanted to say thank you for the fantastic week in Spain you gave the students!"

"I would say a very successful trip,  she has lots of things to work on and lots of golf tips for us!!!
"Being part of the Darren Clarke experience has enabled him to form friendships with people with the same interests"

  • "He has gained such confidence since he has been attending the golf school and is quite literally growing up before our eyes!"

    Student Feedback

    "Really enjoyed the trip and learnt a lot! 

    "It is a fantastic resort....had a fabulous time."

    "Great week and learn a lot."

"Loving every minute of it!"


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